#WhyWeAnth: World Anthropology Day 2018

One of the great debates in Anthropology is whether humans have agency – do we choose to do what we do? Or is our every thought and action simply a response to societal norms and pressures (that neuroscientists might further write off as pre-conscious and pre-programmed)? It’s called the structure vs agency debate, and if you’re not familiar with it then you may want to go and have your mind blown here or here. But in the meantime, just for this post, we’ve decided to assume that humans DO have agency (at least insofar as they feel it). So we’ve asked a community of excellent humans from across the web a simple question, in honour of Anthropology Day 2018: “Why do YOU anth?”

Check out all of the reasons #whyweanth from ANU’s Jodie-Lee Trembath at The Familiar Strange.

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