ANU Anthropology Monday Seminar Series 2021

ANU Anthropology Seminar Series 2021

Convenors: Yasmine Musharbash and Matt Tomlinson

Timing: Mondays 3-4 pm Canberra time
Location: via ZOOM (watch this space for the link)

15 March: Oona Paredes, University of California–Los Angeles
Founders and Settlers: Unpacking Indigeneity among the Higaunon Lumad in

22 March: Alex Golub, University of Hawai‘i–Mānoa
Whose ‘Failed State?’: Connecting Contemporary Law and Order Issues in Enga
Province To Its Colonial Past

29 March: Tess Lea, University of Sydney

19 April: Benjamin Hegarty, University of Melbourne
The State-Issued ‘Identity Card’ as Visual Medium in Postauthoritarian Indonesia

3 May: Ilana Gershon, Indiana University
Put Your Mask On!: Contractual Sociality at Work in the Pandemic
(Special start time: 2 pm)

10 May: Alice Rudge, University College London
The Known and the Unknown: Sensing Others in the Batek’s Forest, Malaysia
(Special start time: 4pm)

17 May: Lawrence Gross, University of Redlands
Post Apocalypse Stress Syndrome in the Age of COVID-19

24 May: Philip Fountain, Victoria University–Wellington
Humanitarian Confessions: Ethnography, Autobiography and the Locations of
Religion in Aidland

2 August: Malini Sur, Western Sydney University
Jungle Passports: Fences, Mobility and Citizenship at the Northeast India-
Bangladesh Border

9 August: Courtney Handman, University of Texas–Austin
Unnatural Languages: Conversion, Deception, and the Colonial Limits of the Human

16 August: Carlos Mondragón, Colegio de México
Of Winds, Worms and Fertility: The Meci Festival in Timor-Leste

23 August: Caroline Schuster, Australian National University
Weedy Finance: Insurance and the Quest for Parameters on Unstable Grounds

30 August: Joanne Thurman, Australian National University

Warlpiri Materiality

20 September: Arzoo Osanloo, University of Washington

27 September: Andrea Ballestero, Rice University
Expanding the Social World Downwards: Aquifers and Post-Extractivist Futures in
Costa Rica

11 October: Eve Vincent, Macquarie University
Look After Them?: Life on Welfare in Australia Today

18 October: Webb Keane, University of Michigan
The Ethical, the Political, and the Moral Economy
(Special start time: 12 pm)

25 October: Holly High, Deakin University
“Can You Policy”? Policy as a Verb in Lao PDR

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