Emeritus Staff

Professor James Fox
Research Interests: History and anthropology of Indonesia and East Timor; rural development and resource management; study of social organisation and symbolic systems; linguistic anthropology; comparative Austronesian ethnology [Research Services Division, CAP]. E: james.fox@anu.edu.au

Professor Christopher Gregory

Research Interests:¬†The political economy and culture of rice-growing in central India as expressed in women’s oral epics; kinship and marriage in central India and Fiji; theories of gift exchange; commodities and money in comparative and historical context.¬†[School of Archaeology and Anthropology, CASS].¬†E:¬†chris.gregory@anu.edu.au

Professor Christine Helliwell
Research Interests: Social and cultural theory, especially the theorisation of ‚Äėsociety‚Äô and ‚Äėculture‚Äô; cross-cultural constitution of gender/sex; constitution of subjectivity or ‚Äėpersonhood‚Äô and how this relates to different forms of sociality, identity and government; Dayak peoples of Borneo¬†[School of Archaeology and Anthropology, CASS].¬†E:¬†Christine.Helliwell@anu.edu.au

Professor Mark Mosko
Research Interests: Melanesia; symbolism; social organisation; personhood; culture change; culture theory; cross-cultural comparisons among Pacific Island societies [School of Culture, History and Languages, CAP]. E: mark.mosko@anu.edu.au

Professor Nicolas Peterson
Research Interests: Social organisation, economic anthropology, ritual and symbolism, land and sea tenure, fourth world people and the state, social change and applied anthropology, anthropology of photography, ethnographic film, history of Australian Anthropology [School of Archaeology and Anthropology, CASS]. E: Nicolas.Peterson@anu.edu.au

Professor Kathryn Robinson
Research Interests: Indonesia and Southeast Asia; development; gender; traditional architecture; medical anthropology; Islam; cross-cultural marriages; Internet mediated social relations  [School of Culture, History and Languages, CAP]. E: kathryn.robinson@anu.edu.au

Professor Alan Rumsey

I am currently involved in a major collaborative research project on ‘Children’s Language Learning and the Development of Intersubjectivity’. Other recent projects include an interdisciplinary comparative one on verbal art which resulted in the volume Sung Tales from the Papua New Guinea Highlands. My research interests are Melanesia; Aboriginal Australia; linguistic anthropology; intersubjectivity, child language socialization, sign languages, multimodal communication, comparative poetics [Professor, Anthropology, School of Culture, History and Languages, CAP].E:¬†alan.rumsey@anu.edu.au