Postgraduate Courses

The Australian National University offers a number of graduate study programs in Anthropology at graduate diploma, masters and doctoral levels in both the College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) and the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS).

Master of Anthropology

Pursue your passion for cross-cultural understanding around the world with a Master of Anthropology. A Master of Anthropology will advance your career working in cultural institutions, the public service, non-government organisations, academia, or any professional area requiring an understanding of anthropology.

The Master of Anthropology is designed for students who have a background in another field, who have developed an interest in Anthropology, but who may have little formal background in the subject. The aim of the qualification is to provide quality and coherent graduate education in Anthropology. The program isĀ suitable for those who seek academic preparation for a career in a professional area requiring a solid understanding of Anthropology, whether in cultural institutions, the public service, the academy, or elsewhere. It is available to qualified applicants from both Australia and overseas.

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Master of Asian and Pacific Studies

With Australiaā€™s economic, political and strategic future increasingly linked to the Asia Pacific region, professionals across a range of sectors are seeking to upskill their vocational expertise on the languages, cultures, economies, histories, politics and societies of our neighbours.

The Master of Asian and Pacific Studies will provide you with the regional grounding and research expertise you need to graduate as a leader of the Asian Century. The program provides a broad variety of courses with an Asian and Pacific focus and allows students to follow individual areas of specialisation in specific areas of the Asian and Pacific regions or in disciplines drawing on regional case studies. In this program you will be taught by some of the most eminent scholars of Asia and the Pacific in the world.

Enquire nowĀ to find out how theĀ Master of Asian and Pacific StudiesĀ can give you access to the widest range of graduate Asian and Pacific Studies courses available in Australia. The College of Asia and the Pacific also has the largest concentration of Asia Pacific researchers and scholars outside of Asia itself, teaches the broadest range of Asia Pacific languages, and is recognised as a world leader in teaching and research on the region.

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Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development

The Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development (MAAPD) is a graduate program that provides an understanding of the principal ways in which critical social inquiry and participatory processes can be applied to the management of international development activities. Particular emphasis is placed on the problems of combining social perspectives and participatory practices with other forms of technical expertise in development work. The program is designed for people working in government, and non-government development agencies. On completion of the program MAAPD graduates will be better able to manage development projects, including undertaking social assessment and advising on their cultural and social impacts. The program also offers specialisations in Gender and Development, Indigenous Policy, and Conflict and Development.

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